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Special Delivery for Little Mix

Bowker Blackburn MINI surprised the Little Mix star, Jade Thirlwall’s mother, on Christmas morning by delivering a brand new grey MINI Cooper Hatch! 

Little Mix's tour manager got in touch with Dave Pope, our sales executive for Bowker Blackburn BMW and MINI, after Jade said she wanted to surprise her mother at Christmas with a new car.

Dave says, “I’ve been a friend of the Little Mix tour manager for a while. And he’s bought a car from me in the past. He called me to tell me that a member of the band wanted to surprise her mum at Christmas with a new car. So we started talking about the best way to go about it.

“Jade took an active interest. She knew exactly how she wanted the car to look as it was a special gift for her Mum.  She was very specific about the colour for example. So, it took a  few different cars to get exactly the right one.

“In the end Jade chose a MINI Cooper Hatch. It’s a great car and an automatic. We built the car using the MINI website to show Jade exactly how it would look. And we explained all the extras.

“The car she chose was off site. So we brought it to the dealership to take it through all the safety checks and prepare for delivery. Then we organised a transporter to a secret location for the grand reveal. We were sworn to secrecy. All our discussions were confidential.

“I think you can see from the reaction on the video on social media that Jade’s Mum had no idea about the surprise. She sounds delighted. I hope she loves the car. That’s what it’s all about.

“We try to treat all Bowker customers like global celebrities. So Jade got a great deal and service just like everyone does!”